Baby Car Seats- Choosing The Right Car Seat

So you’re thinking what happens after you’ve taken your baby home from the hospital… Or how will you manage the transportation of moving around your baby to and from the doctor’s appointment, grocery shopping or even a family visit?

Why get a baby car seat?

Apart from the obvious reasons listed about, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right car seat.  Getting a baby car seat ultimately makes your life as a parent a lot easier.

Did I mention it also keeps your baby safe? And no… buying a cheaper car seat doesn’t mean you’re baby is any less safe. Every car seat available on the market must meet government regulations.

So the question you really should be asking is: How do I get a car seat that best suits me and my baby’s every need?


The Different Types of Baby Car Seats:

  • Infant Car Seats
  • Convertible Car Seat
  • Booster Seat

There are different types of car seats available, each with its very own benefits and limitations.

Infant Car Seats

Getting an infant car seat is one of the many great choices you’ll make as a parent, though it has its limitations. The benefits are awesome


Multiple use

One of my favorite thing about getting an infant car seat is that it can be used in multiple cars with minimal effort of just clipping in bases or seat belt.


The infant car seat is very light in weight which makes moving your baby around so much easier without interrupting nap time.


With an adaptable travel system, moving around your baby while he/she naps will be a breeze.. Talking about the breeze, in the case of weather changes as extreme heat or cold seasons approach. You can take your baby’s infant car seat inside with you.

Recommendation: If you decide on using an infant car seats, ensure to a travel system is in tack, which is getting a car seat adopter for the stroller of your choosing.

Convertible Car Seats

A convertible car seat as the name hints converts to adapt to a child’s needs as they grow older.


Rear facing and forward facing

The convertible car seat can be used as a rear-facing or forward-facing whichever suits you best as your baby grow older. Though it is important to note that having your baby car seat rear-facing is considered the safest position.


The convertible car seat is used from birth or up until your baby outgrows the infant car seat (which is usually around a year old). With a convertible car seat which transforms to a booster seat your child will be secure up until he/she no longer needs to be.


The convertible car seat can be too heavy to move around, making life a whole lot harder on moms.

Unlike the infant car seat, there is no option for getting a travel system in place and so you can’t fit a convertible car seat into a stroller.


If you decide on saving on time and cash by skipping the process of getting an infant car seat to a convertible. Getting a carrier to move your baby around will substitute well for a stroller.

It would be wise to consider getting a convertible car seat that converts to booster mode, that way you ultimately make use of getting a convertible car seat.

Booster Seat

The Booster Car Seat helps kids usually around age four/five years to sit up higher, this way car seat will securely hold your child in place. It stays with your with your child until they reach the required age and height in which they can naturally use the car seat to strap themselves in.


Tips/ guide of choosing a baby’s car seat: What to look for before purchase are very important:

  • Design/fabric
  • Functionality
  • Cost
  • Safety requirement ( well additional safety features)
  • Benefits such as compatibility with your travel system


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