Baby Nursery Checklist- 5 Steps Needed For Creating your Nursery

Deciding on ideas for baby’s nursery? Here are list of things you should consider before you get started.

Preparing your mind set around the arrival of your baby can be a scary and exciting adventure. One of the main concern of newly moms are the process involved such as preparing, designing and organizing your baby’s nursery.

Thinking about the overall process can be overwhelming but don’t worry that’s why I am here. With following these 5 steps listed below, creating your baby’s nursery will be a breeze.

5 Steps Needed For Creating your Baby’s Nursery

1. Budget Planned

It is always good to have an established budget, not only does it allow you to live within your means and avoid debt but it really does give you the peace of mind you deserved and improve your creativity.

2. Know Your Space Capacity

Knowing the length space that is available for your baby’s nursery will help with list of furniture and accessories you’ll need. Yes you might not have a big of a space that you think you may need but there are many creative organizational hacks for you below if you just stick around.


3. Find Your Inspiration/Theme

The theme you decide on for you baby’s nursery can be gender neutral so don’t worry if you have decided to keep the gender a surprise.

There are endless themes and inspirations for your baby’s nursery which are solely up to you and what you think is best for your baby. For more awesome wall art décor  you may also visit Amazon.

Inspiration/Theme For Baby Boy

Inspiration/Theme For Baby Girl


4. List Furniture & Accessories For Nursery

Outlining the theme/inspiration of how you want your baby’s nursery will help with choosing the different furniture. You will want to ensure that it matches the décor you have in mind. Essential furniture such as a crib, dresser and changing table.

Optional furniture/Accessories: Ottoman, Rocker, Sheets, Bedding, Wingback chairs

In keeping your budget, space capacity and theme in mind you will better be able to decide on the different type of furniture. For one of most essential being the crib/bassinet you want to make sure you are making the best choice.

For insightful information on choosing between a bassinet or crib visit:

Or choosing which convertible crib works best for you and the idea for your baby’s nursery visit


5. Outline Your Organizing System

You want to ensure a system of order before your baby's arrival, with my favorite hack of all being simply just categorizing everything into three essential stations.

  • Feeding
  • Changing &
  • Playing

With each stations there are items packed, labelled and ready to use. Whether in a basket, bins or closest. All of which are applicable to the layout of your baby's nursery.

Feeding Station

Here you want to have items such as: Bottles, Breast Pads, and bibs packed and ready at all times. There are different nursery organizers available that will make your life a whole lot better.

Changing Station

A changing station is not only needed in a nursery but may be located in your living room as well. There are many different changing table available with/without storage pads and may even come on wheels. How cool is that?

Organizing your dresser/closet by simply arranging diapers, onesies,swaddles,burp cloths, receiving blanket, towels and sheets will work wonders.

A changing station can comprised of a whole lot including have a skin care section, this is where you organized oils, lotions, rash cream and more similar items.


Entertainment/Playing Station

You want to have an entertainment station for your baby, even with a really small space entertainment can be added. Whether you want to add a shelve with baby books, a playpen, basket with toys or all of the above. Having an entertainment station will make you and your baby happy.

Tip: each station can be located throughout your home, in the kitchen for feeding, living room/bathroom/car for changing and living room for play.

Thank you for visiting, how are preparing for your baby's welcoming, how is your nursery planning going? Please comment your parenthood experience below I would love to hear about it.


3 thoughts on “Baby Nursery Checklist- 5 Steps Needed For Creating your Nursery

  1. Wow! This is a very great article and one that will be of great help to expecting moms. My sister is an expecting mom and she would be due for delivery in two months time. She asked me to help her get some useful tips concerning the setup of a baby nursery and I’m glad I came across this post. You have outlined everything needed in a concise manner and you even gave suggestions of the things that can be noughts and exactly how to buy them. I’m grateful for this. I will suggest this to her. Thanks

  2. This is a really good post. Most mother’s do not know what to do first when they are expecting a baby. The father is mostly blank at this period. I agree with you when you say one should check ones budget. This is done so as not to over spend or get things that are not of good quality. Getting the right space is also important.  I think you have done well in this post. Great one to educate people about what to do when creating a nursery.

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