Bassinet vs. Crib: Which Is Better?

Bassinet vs. Crib: Which Is Better?

One undeniable question new parents asked themselves when shopping for their little one’s nursery is:

“Should I get a bassinet or crib? Or should I get both? Is it even economical to get both?”

The main factors parents should consider when choosing between a Bassinet and/or Crib are:

  • Cost
  • Longevity/quality
  • Comfort
  • Safety

All of which will be of great value to you and your bundle of joy!

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Buying A Bassinet In Comparison To A Crib



When working with a budget one of the main reason for choosing a bassinet is cost. A bassinet is generally cheaper than a crib, however, a crib lasts much longer.

The cost of a crib in comparison to a bassinet in most times are twice as much the price for a bassinet. The general cost for a bassinet can cost anywhere between $150-5000, while a crib may be around $200-600.


A typical Bassinet will only be useful for babies between the ages of 0-4 months. After which a Bassinet becomes useless as there are often times a weight limit attached. Usually, the weight limit is 20-100 pounds, after which you may need to consider getting a crib for your bundle of joy.



One of the very best benefits of having a bassinet as a substitute for a crib is its ability to adapt to the different environment.

Being a mother is demanding not to mention if you’re new to the role it can be overwhelming. As bassinets are small and most times attached to a wheel you can take your baby around the house with you. Easier right?

Wanting your baby to be next to you during the night but in his/her room during the day makes the bassinet the right choice for you.


In choosing whether to go with a bassinet or crib for your baby’s safety precaution needs to be taken for both. For one, making sure the crib or bassinet in question for purchase meets the US Consumer Product Safety Act standard. This is to prevent any potential harm to your baby.

The different types of cribs and which would be most suitable for you and your baby must be considered.

Which Is Better?

In and answering the question: “Bassinet vs. Crib & Which Is Better?” is really about choice.

Parents eventually will end up in getting a crib for their newborn. Yes! I said it a crib is the better choice!

However, the great benefits of getting a bassinet for your newborn within the first few months of a baby existence are priceless and should be utilized by all parents.


What To Consider Before getting A Crib

So you make the wise choice in  deciding to get a crib for your baby’s nursery, these are the few things to consider.

  • In choosing to get a crib over a bassinet you still get the luxury of deciding on size which best suits your needs.
  • The different type cribs: Contemporary, Convertible, Portable crib with wheels.
  • With the availability of convertible cribs, you are now given the opportunity to decide on how long you intend to use the crib for.

Planning for motherhood can be stressful especially in preparing your baby’s nursery, here at My World Baby we aimed at making that process easier through providing information and valuable tips to you. Feel free to comment on any experience, concern or question you may have. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Bassinet vs. Crib: Which Is Better?

  1. Hi Shannon,

    My baby days are way behind me but I’m sending the link of your article to my daughter. You have really nailed all the pros and cons here including a few things I wouldn’t have thought of myself.

    I must say that I agree with you about the crib being the better choice in the end but it was good to read all your views about this.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your articles,


  2. Hello there, I haven’t been contemplating on these two at all even though my wife is heavy and will be due in three months. I’m pretty sure she would love the crib instead. Although the price for it is higher but the span is also longer. Your explanation also make me pick it over the bassinet as well. Thanks for sharing this nice post, I hope you can help me in some decision making when our baby arrives. 

  3. You’re right. Cribs are no longer limited to what it used to be. Nowadays, there are cribs that are portable, so, if the reason why someone would hesitate buying a crib is because you can’t carry it anywhere, we now have a solution. I think me and my wife would directly go for the crib, for economic reasons. Get a crib right from the start. But to be fair, a bassinet looks cute, too.

  4. When we had our first baby, we bought a bassinet. It was good because we changed its location and enjoyed being everywhere with our daughter. Life in a bassinet was short and very soon, we had to place her in a crib, with all the adjustments to fit her growing needs. Our second daughter went straight to the crib and grew from there. If I were to be asked which I preferred, I would say the bassinet was perfect for our first baby experience but by the second one we were more skilled and we didn’t need a bassinet. The crib was fine.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience and your personal preference. Though bassinet lifespan is short I really do agree it works well for first-time parents.

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