Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat Review

Product: The Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat

Price range: $249-299

Where to Buy: Amazon

Life Span: 8 years

My Ratings: 8/10




After going on a one woman quest to get a list of the best convertible car seats of 2019, it then sparked upon me that I needed to do a comprehensive review of each. I mean why not see why they are among the best right?

If you have not yet read my article on the best convertible car seats of 2019 please go ahead and do so at .Now back to the Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Review

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Baby Car Seat

   Overview Of The Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat

As a reputable family brand the Chicco baby car seats have been doing extremely well within the market. With a line of selective great stroller, infant and convertible car seats you can always expect value for money.

List of Available Chicco Car Seats:

  • Chicco KeyFit Infant Car Seat
  • Chicco NextFit Convertible
  • Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible
  • Chicco MyFit+Booster
  • Chicco Travel System

Features of the Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat:

Rear and forward facing

Like with all convertible car seats, you are given the opportunity to start your baby rear-facing at (12-40lbs)  before later transitioning to forward-facing (22-65lbs). Though you can have your little one in forward-facing at just 22lbs, it is strongly advised you wait until you’ve reached the maximum weight limit. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics babies are considered to be at the safest and best positioned point when rear facing and should only be changed when necessary.

Recline Harness & Adjustable Headrest

As your child grow from a newborn into a toddler the 9 headrest position and recline harness is provided to support and comfort your growing baby. Chicco also makes it a breeze when adjusting the harness strap to automatically adapt to babies correct height.

Installation Safety Features

One the very feature of the Chicco NextFit is its ability to use either the latch or vehicle’s seat belt for car seat installation with specifics of course.

Use of latch system

With the latch system, rear-facing maximum weight limit is considered to be at 35lbs while in forward facing the minimum would be 20lbs. You can still however have your baby at forward facing a little while longer until he/she is at the maximum weight limit at 40lbs just by simply using the seat belt.

Use Vehicle seat belt

Though the latch system is pretty good, as your child gets bigger you will definitely have to resort to the seat belt and so it inevitable.

With a growing child the seat belt provides the extra safety your baby needs in holding him/her in place.

TO NOTE: With so much conflicting information online, to be completely sure in securing your baby there is a manual stored in the back compartment of your baby car seat along with written instructions all over. Always strive to get a first-hand view of the information and procedure to follow.


Removable Cup Holder:

We all know how much of a difference having cup holder can make, having the option to remove whenever needs be whether to clean, move to the either side or simply just wanting a little more space. Just having the choice is really a relief.


Why Make this Choice??

The Chicco Nextfit convertible car seat on average is a really good car seat in terms of the quality it offers for a fair price tag. It is safe, easy to use and it grows with your baby.


Weight: At 25pounds in weight the Chicco Nextfit can be a bit of a hassle to move around especially for travel purposes or moving from one car to another. You can however get a travel bag with wheels to package it in and makes life a lot easier.

My Conclusion

In following my guidelines on what to look for in choosing the right convertible car seats. The Chicco NextFit Convertible did fairly well in terms the quality service it offers, though being that it is now 2019 for me I would probably just skip this version and go straight to the Chicco NextFit Zip. However, overall if you are really pleased with the Chicco brand and want the very best it has to offer in convertible car seat the NextFit Zip Air Max is the one to beat.


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