Easter Gift Baskets For Babies

Welcome Easter!

With Easter 2019 almost here, creatively putting together the perfect items for your baby’s Easter Gift Basket is one to definitely look towards.

There are many ideas or suggestions about what you should or should not include in your baby Easter Gift Basket. Well, if your gift to your baby for this Easter is about fun, exciting and educational purposes, welcome!

Today I have put together a list of must haves to include in your baby’s Easter gift basket

Best Easter Gifts for Your Baby

Easter Baby Books 

There are many captivating and awesome Easter books available for your precious one. From your baby’s first Easter to many more after there are books to match. I have created a list of my all-time favorites and most popular Easter books online today, Enjoy!

  • My First Easter by Tomie dePaola
  • God Gave Us Easter (God Gave Us Series)Lisa Tawn Bergren
  • How to Catch the Easter Bunny byAdam Wallace
  • Llama Llama Easter Egg by Anna Dewdney
  • Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure by James Dean
  • Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt by Ladybird

Easter Eggs filled with toys

What is Easter without eggs? Traditionally, Easter is celebrated with eggs to signify new life and the resurrection of Christ. For further history of behind Easter eggs visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter_egg .

What better way to welcome and honor your baby’s existence than to have a gift which represents your gift.

Easter Egg for hunt games

Easter Egg for hunt games

Easter has never been more exciting for your little one. There are countless Easter eggs games you can play with your little one. It is suitable for early child development so as early as 6 months old you can have great fun with your baby.

Easter Bunny


Easter Bunny

The classic Easter bunny will forever be a all time favorite. Its flexibility for children of all age group is one of the many great benefits of having this gift included in your baby’s Easter gift basket. It provides that super soft cozy companionship your baby.

Easter Basket Playset

Having an Easter basket playset is one of many ways in making your life easier when shopping for Easter toys for your baby. The benefit of having a playset is having a variety of toys available to choose from. With the plenty of storage room, you are able to add a special toy, outfit or even a book which may hold a sentimental value to you.

Your baby will thank you.


Newborn Baby Rabit Photo Outfit

Newborn baby Rabit Photo Outfit

Dress your baby for the Easter with amazingly cute outfits. Whether it is your baby’s first Easter, get onesies to cute bunny ear hats and blankets to match. Easter only comes once a year and gives us the perfect opportunity to dress your baby in bunny outfits.

You can capture these awesome Bunny theme memories with your baby with a photo-shoot and no guilt attached, after all, it’s Easter 🙂

Knitted props are considered to be among the best choice of outfit materials for your baby photo-shoot visit https://mybabyshoot.com/newborn-baby-photo-knitting-props-5-best-knitted-props-for-your-baby-photographs/    for the top 5 best knitted props for baby photography.


Why & How to Wrap Your Own Gift Basket?

You can only do right by creating your very own special gift basket for your precious one. Having a couple of hands pick toys, candies, books to match your babies needs will allow you to choose what’s best your baby. Giving you the control every parent wish to have.

Feeling restricted as a parent is not a good feeling, you want to choose what’s appropriate for your baby. When taking age, safety, health, and many other factors into consideration. You want to ensure you that are creating the best Easter experience for your baby.

Benefits of a personalized Easter Gift Basket

Yearning for a mother-daughter or family interaction this Easter. Personalized your child’s Easter gift basket is the way to go.

  • It allows you to choose the level interaction you wish to have with your baby by choosing what toys fuel
  • Having a personalized Easter Gift Basket for your baby gives control – to what is age appropriate, safe and healthy. Being able to restrict what is/not appropriate.

Creating wonders with a simple gift basket

Whether it’s your baby’s first Easter experience or not, it can be as interactive and fun as you wish. By creating your own Easter gift basket you get to choose how well your baby enjoys the holiday.

You can create a unique gift basket to specify to your baby’s age, gender, preferences in toys, books or even candies.


8 thoughts on “Easter Gift Baskets For Babies

  1. Thank you for offering many great ideas on what to include when planning a basket. From book suggestions, to outfits, to games and more, you have given me great ideas.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi Shannon:

    I bought that Easter bunny for my 3 year old daughter last year and she love it so much. My wife and I were so much impressed with the quality of the bunny foot wear. Since I remembered that I actually ordered it late and I wasn’t expecting it to arrive until the day after Easter but was surprised that the shipping email came through few minutes after the order and it was received on the Friday before Easter Sunday! Thank you very much for writing this post and bringing back the beautiful memory.  I might actually order something similar again this year.

    Have a great day


  3. Wow, thank you for this piece. Now i have a idea of a surprise for my wife on Easter for our 8 month old baby.  The Bunny outfit looks cool and my wife would absolutely love it. Also the video on how to wrap gifts is quite helpful and would go a long way in packaging the whole thing.

    1. You are most welcome! So happy I was able to help. Congratulation to you and your wife on your bundle of joy 🙂 

  4. Hi Shannon,

    You’re website is so sweet! I love how you’re giving helpful advice for Easter. I’m not a mother yet, but I’ve always wanted to do stuff like this when I have kids. Thanks for the great article. I’ll pass on your blog to mom’s I know. =)


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