Infant Car Seat VS Convertible Car Seat – Which Is Better?

Having a baby car seat for most parents are considered a necessity. Though you somewhat can live without it, having a car seat will make your life and the life of your baby a lot easier, safer and more pleasurable.

With that being said the biggest concern in choosing the right car seat for your baby really boils down to choosing between an infant car seat versus a convertible car seat.

If this is your very first interaction with car seat, get a full over-view of why you should get a car seat and the different types and benefits here at Now back to infants car seat vs convertible car seat…


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Infant Car Seat

With Infant car seat it stays with your baby from birth up until around 12-14 months. Yeah I know it is short-lived but there are many benefits as there are drawbacks with getting this type of car seat.

Benefits Of A Infant Car Seat In Comparison To The Convertible Car Seat

  • One of my favorite benefit of getting an infant car sear in comparison to the convertible car seat is it ability to adapt. With the infant car seat you can transfer your baby from a drive to the grocery store to a walk in the park with little or no interaction just by having a compatible travel system. This way you placed the car seat into the stroller with little hassle of just clipping your baby.
  • The next benefit of an infant car seat is its portability, you can easily move the infant car seat in out of the car with little or no disruption to your baby’s nap. This not only helps with extreme weather conditions such as coldness or heat which may arise but it makes traveling in different vehicles a lot easier.

Convertible Car Seat

With the Convertible Car Seat it stays with your baby from birth and adjust to your baby as he/she grows. The Convertible Car Seat can either be in the position of rear-facing and forward-facing, that and it’s ability to adjust to your child’s growth is why it is called a Convertible Car Seat.

Benefits Of Getting A Convertible Car In Comparison To The Infant Car Seat

  • You save money with the Convertible Car Seat through its longevity, after you purchase the Convertible Car Seat you really don’t need another car seat, especially if get a car seat that converts to a Booster Seat. Then it will stays with your baby up until they can naturally sit with the car seat belt.
  • It makes a lot difference to have your baby both rear-facing and forward-facing whichever of your choosing. With the Convertible Car Seat that option can really make your life easier.

Overall Limitations Of Both Car Seats:

  • The Infant Car Seat will later needs to be replaced
  • The Infant Car Seat is rear facing
  • The Convertible Car Seat is not compatible to a travel system, that is, to fit into a stroller
  • The Convertible Car Seat usually stays in the car because of its weight which makes it hard to move around with

Which Will You Choose?

Even with all the information listed above, choosing between the Infant Car Seat and the Convertible Car Seat can still be a challenge. So I have put together a simple guideline which should make choosing a lot better. Enjoy!

Guidelines to follow in deciding whether to choose the Infant Car Sear Vs the Convertible Car Seat

  • Budget- It is good to have a budget on the amount of money you’re capable of to spend at that particular moment. Though the Convertible Car Seat might work out best for most parents who may be low on funds or simply thinking about the long run. You can start off with an Infant Car Seat and take advantage of its great benefits then later switch, the choice is really yours and the budget you’re working with.
  • The size of car- The size car you have really should be a factor when choosing between getting an Infant Car Seat and a Convertible Seat.

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10 thoughts on “Infant Car Seat VS Convertible Car Seat – Which Is Better?

  1. I would prefer a convertible car seat for the mere fact that I can use it longer. IF i can use it until the baby is able to use the car seat-belt, the better. The cons of the convertibl car seat are not that many. When I got errands to run, it would not be long before the baby can start walking and therefore no need for a stroller.

    Thank you for these great comparison including what to consider when buying a car seat. It is easy to make a choice. This is a very useful article!

    1. That’s a great way of looking at it Carol in deciding to go with the convertible car seat. I am happy you find this article useful I’ll see you around.

  2. I know parents struggle to weigh up what they need for their new baby, versus what their purse can afford, versus the sensible long-term decision compared to a short-term one.

    You reach a certain age and all your friends are having babies at around the same time.  I actually rely on articles like these to decide what options I can afford, and to be educated on the benefits of the gift I’m about to make.  And when I’m undecided, I buy the different option for the next gift I have to buy.

    But really, you can never really go wrong with whichever one you choose.  Because these seats lasts for a long time and you can always re-use it when a second baby comes along or give it to a very grateful friend.

  3. Thanks for this comparison of infant car seats versus convertible car seats, it helped me gain a lot of insight as to which might be better for my uses. I have grandchildren these days, my own are already all grown up and married, etc. The next generation is here these days…

    I do have occasions when I will take them with me for drives to parks, or perhaps to eat some good food or short trips here or there. For all of these instances, I want to have some solid protection for them while they are in the car. The options are many, so this article provided some good insight for me.

    The benefits of each and the limitations as you have listed tell me that for my own requirements, I will be getting something that can grow with the kids, as I do not have a lot of money to spend on getting the infant seat and associated equipment, and my own kids can give me the strollers etc. to use…

    Thanks, great information, and advice!

    1. Awesome choice Dave! I am happy you find the article insightful and that I was able to help. The convertible car seat will work well for you, please feel free to later comment on how your experience was while using it.

  4. This is some good help. My sister, she wants to know the difference between the both of them to choose which is the best to get. Apparently she might want to have another baby. You have very well broken everything down and everything I need to know to choose which is best. I have to agree that one needs to look out for some criteria like the budget you spoke about. Must show this to my sister. Thanks for the help.

  5. I have to agree that using a baby car seat can make life easier for any parent. Actually, we use a convertible car seat for my little brother right now. Its really good because he enjoys using it. Like you said, it is good based on longevity and also not so expensive, at least in comparison to the infant car seat. Is there a reason why the infant car seat is more expensive?

  6. I could remember when my aunt gave birth to her first child a few years back, she needed to get either a convertible car seat or a infant car seat. She tried to make her own bit of research and she decided to get one infant car seat. What actually led to her decision is the mobility of a infant car seat. I also prefer the infant car seat and the research I made for my aunt then shows it always last a bit long 13- 14 years and even though it looks like a waste of money to be changing seats, the fact that infant car seat is mobile, I’ll still choose it. Thanks for sharing this lovely article, Its really going to help nursing mothers decide what they want.

  7. I guess what I have is the infant car seat. It is really convenient when they’re sleeping. The last thing you want to do is disturb them when they’re sleeping. I find it help as well is cold or rainy weather like you said. We are able to put a blanket over her and leave her in the car seat and carry her in the house and most of the time she doesn’t wake up.

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