Newborn Baby Photo Ideas- 5 Best Ideas For Baby Photo-shoot

With the greatly anticipated arrival and welcoming of your precious one, you are excited about finally meeting and interacting with your little bundle of joy. What best way to do it than to capture those awesome moments.

In my previous article, I spoke about how you can come up with great ideas for your new-born photo-shoot This  then led to my inspiration to create an actual list of 5 best ideas you could use for a perfect baby photography.


After going through countless baby photo-shoot ideas, I was eager to create a list that was concise, distinctive, and unique which works for mothers. Whether you are:

  • An expecting mother that is simply just planning ahead for your bundle of joy welcoming by having a professional photo-shoot. OR,
  • You want a hands experience in having a photo-shoot for your baby done at home with family.

These are the 5 great ideas that can be used wherever suits you best, so without further ado, let get straight to it.


The natural photo-shoot ideas are the absence of photography props involved. That is simply just using elements that are provided for free. You can take baby photos’ with your baby toes, hands or even nude for both you and your baby. The best thing about natural baby photo-shoot is that is can be done wherever is most comfortable.

Candid photos’ I find to be my personal favorite idea and not because it is free. Well that too, but it allows creativity and provide with the opportunity to interact and just capture great natural moments with your baby.



A prop in photography initially is used to add character, for more information of on how to boost creativity with the use of a photography prop visit

Adding a prop to your baby photo-shoot is one way of  adding character or capturing different moments with your baby photography. It also makes your life a lot easier, don’t feel guilty now, of course, you love your little one (s) you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t right? Well, why not save energy where you can and directing it where it is most needed.

Feel better?

Okay so baby photo-shoot props can enhance your baby photo-shoot significantly giving it that professional look even if it was just taken with your smartphone.

The next question you might be thinking to yourself is what would be the best possible for my baby? I personally prefer knitting props visit

for information on why it may be the best choice for your newborn.



Having a photo-shoot that tells a story is one of the many great ideas to include in your baby’s photo. This provides a sense of direction so whether you are conducting the photo-shoot yourself or having it done professionally, it helps to have a vision of what exactly you want for your baby and yourself.

Telling a story can be in the form of a theme, I love themes! they give the photos life and character. The benefit of having a theme for your baby photo-shoot is ultimately it saves time, money and energy.

When having a photo-shoot for your newborn baby it is wise to keep the activities as light as possible. The less is required of your baby, the best chance you have of an irritably free and exciting experience for the little one.

Telling a story can be from a princess /prince theme concept to a Halloween/Christmas, it is really up to you and what represents the story you wish to tell.



Having your family involved in your baby photo-shoot is a wonderful and glorious experience for both yourself, baby and family. Interaction with your newborn is key in having a fun and stress-free photo-shoot for everyone.

Siblings shoots are great when candid, for me it gives the photos' life, however, it can be done with or without props/accessories and this is what makes family involvement great. Photo-shoot done at home is recommended when considering involving family members, it provides a safe heaven for everyone which will result in great interactions.


When I think about a complete perfect baby photo-shoot I think about blankets, wraps, and basket. Why? Wraps and blankets are increasing capturing the hearts of parents worldwide when talking about baby photo-shoot.

These are all multipurpose props which allow flexibility in capturing great moments with your precious one. Blanket used for baby photo-shoot for me was a great choice, not only does it allow a unique experience but it works well with other props/accessories and it is safe and comfortable for your baby.


To come up with ideas for a perfect baby photo-shoot has never been easier with the complete access to My World Baby. We are here to be a part of your journey, for every decision you make in creating memorable, safe and great moments with your bundle of joy we wish to offer quality choices.

For further information on newborn baby props for photography visit


4 thoughts on “Newborn Baby Photo Ideas- 5 Best Ideas For Baby Photo-shoot

  1. Welcoming a new life to the family is the moment most parents usually look forward to. The excitement, the fun and the joy of the presence of a New born is unprecedented. Thus it’s imperative that these moments be captured and kept safe for future reference. In my family, the tradition is to capture a natural shot of the newborn and save the picture in a frame to ensure it last longer 

    1. It is Indeed a glorious experience Sammynathaniels . Even with the increase change of ideas on how we may choose to captured memorable moments with our little one. Natural shots will always be among the best.

  2. Aaaww, the babies are adorable! I was lucky to witness a newborn baby photo shoot for my niece when she was just 10 days old. My sister and her husband just went for candid shots and never opted for with props because of some safety reasons. My niece was a crying baby then but it was a good thing she’s in a good mood throughout the shoot. I never thought about your idea of telling a story photo shoot. I’d like to try that someday for my own baby. Thanks for these great ideas!

    1. You’re most welcome and thank you a lot for sharing your story.
      Sure you’ll make a great mom someday! 🙂   

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