Newborn Baby Photo Knitting Props- 5 Best Knitted Props For Your Baby Photographs

Knitting prop for your new-born baby photo-shoot is one to definitely consider especially when the safety and comfort of your baby is a huge priority. In creating the best moments for your baby photo-shoot experience you may be led to consider knitted props. Let me just take the time out to say great choice!

When it comes to your newborn photography, choosing a knitted prop is one of the many great choices you could make. Knitted props are items used in a photography to add content, character or simple interest and definitely, must be of knitted fabrics’ nature.

Benefits of wearing knitted fabrics’

Knitted fabrics’ has increasingly gained high popularity due to its advantages, they are known for attractive prices and easy care requirements.

  • Comfortable and breathable in nature
  • Soft and stretchy
  • Adjustable in weather requirements. Knitted fabrics’ can be in the form of light, airy, warm and cold atmosphere.
  • Knitted fabrics’ are popularly known for its wrinkle resistant and durable nature.
  • Suitable for daily activities such as play, school, party or photo-shoot.

After my previous post about getting the most out of a newborn baby prop for photography. With all the great qualities of choosing a knitted prop for your baby photography, I just had to create a personal top 5 list.

Top 5 Best knitting prop for your baby photographs

Stretch Knit Wrap/swaddle for Newborn photography

    • The stretch Knit Wrap for newborn photography has been increasingly gaining the attention of parents worldwide. This simple yet unique prop has certainly captured the hearts of many with it comfortable, easy to care and of durable nature. These wraps are known to complement a newborn’s body, it is soft and stretchy providing the same womb-like feeling once again. Beyond the many wonderful qualities, I personally find the wrap to be a must-have when taking photographs of your newborn baby. If you are thinking about having your baby’s photo-shoot at home or even professionally done, this would be a good fit. It also wouldn’t hurt to save a few bucks as the stretch Knit Wrap for newborn photography is relatively cheap in prices not to mention it is a multipurpose prop which works well with others.
    • Crochet Costume Outfit Including Sleeping

The knitted crochet costume outfit including a sleeping bag is another great baby photo props outfits. The Crochet costume is available in the different themes sizes and gender is currently on Amazon. With the sleeping bag, you also have a matching knitted crochet hat which may also be used separately or to compliment a different prop.

Crochet Costume Outfit excluding sleeping bag

The crochet costume outfits are available without sleeping bags and are available in different themes and sizes. Like the crochet outfit with the sleeping bag both are comfortable, fashionable for newborns’ photographs and make great gifts for baby shower, birthdays or special holidays. With hats to complement each costume is just another reason to be among the 5 best knitting prop for your baby photography. Which leads to the next item:

Crochet Knit hat/ turbans

The Crochet Knit hat for either gender makes a great complete list for MUST HAVE knitted props when it relates to baby photography. It is great for baby aging from 0-3 months old. Knitted hats are available for purposes beyond photo-shoot like home, school, travel, birthday, Christmas or simple everyday wear. In that instance, crochet knit hats are welcome to babies as young as 0 months to 6 years.

The Crochet knit hat for newborn photography is not only attractive in nature but also comfortable, provide good elasticity and heat preservation to your baby head and ears.

Crochet Knit hat/ turbans







Knitted Romper Jumpsuit

Having a Romper jumpsuit present in every child’s clothes wear is what I called a necessity. It allows the flexibility that each child deserves, not only is a Romper Jumpsuit available in a variety of sizes. It offers uniqueness in the form of different themes, colors and different choice of wear. To capture great photographs and creating memorable moments with your baby is one worth living for.

A Romper Jumpsuit is good but a knitted Romper Jumpsuit, however, is even more fashionable, durable as it gives your baby a lot more wear. To have a knitted Romper Jumpsuit for your baby photographs is to add the benefits of wearing a knitted fabrics' and original romper jumpsuit all together.

Knitted Baby Booties

Knitted baby bootie's are just another one of my favorite and not because they are cute or that they vary in prices. The knitted baby bootie's comes in great fashion choices which makes it great for photography. They are soft, stretchy, comfortable and go with just about any outfit or props. Babies are more inclined to leave them on as opposed to a normal baby boot, this makes it oh so worth it.

Quality which Qualifies

If you are still deciding on the props listed above and whether they qualify to be among the top 5 knitted props for your baby photography. These were the guideline used to determine the quality of each photography props. The items for me must be:

  • Unique
  • Safe
  • Suitable for multipurpose use
  • Good quality (durable)
  • Props must complement theme or idea chosen
  • With all the factors listed above, props must also be cost-effective

So what are the steps involved in deciding on newborn baby photography props? Please feel to read my article on newborn baby prop for photography, particularly how to get the most and best for your baby



13 thoughts on “Newborn Baby Photo Knitting Props- 5 Best Knitted Props For Your Baby Photographs

  1. As an occasional photographer, I must tell you photographs are indeed fun and we must try our best to make our babies look astonishing lovely while taking their pictures; The Knitting prop has to be considered, I am a fan of knitted fabrics because of its durability. Thanks for this eye opener; Its well appreciated

  2. Thanks for sharing this article on new born baby photo knitting props. It’s really cool knowing about this. I have been searching for a site to find some nice photo knitting for my baby coming soon because I am expecting. Coming across your site is timely. I love the samples with images shared in this article. Please what’s the price and where can I order for any of it? Thanks 

  3. Wow, this is a really interesting and insightful post. A photograph speaks more than a thousand words and so these props will serve as a point of future reminiscing on the photographs taken for the newborn. If I would get props for my child, it must be of the qualities listed above and to top it all it must be cost-effective. Thanks for this awesome review. Good job.

  4. I’ve see. Many baby photoes with crochet outfits on Etsy and they are just so cute and beautiful. I think taking babies is challenging because it can be difficult to position a baby when he/she may move when you dont want them to. And safety is the biggest concern, that I didn’t want to try taking photographs of them in my professional career as a photographer. But after reading this, I feel abit better and maybe I will practice with friend’s baby and adding ‘babies’ in my portfolio

  5. Newborn baby Knitting Props photograph are soooo cool. For my baby boy, we had the Wrap and the knitted hat for his photo props and they were so cute. It’s still one of my best baby pictures of him but I found that the knitted jumpers were also warm for him when we were traveling, so whenever I used the jumpsuit, I avoided using the knitted wrap but they are quite comfortable and these are really 5 best knitted props for baby photography, I “awwww” everytime I see one of those. Every child should have a shoot like those. 

    1. I am happy to know you have been using the props beyond photography purposes they do work well on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing your story I too do recommend having baby photo-shoot as a first-time parent. Not only is a memory created but it is also a fun interactive experience for families.

  6. I was just looking at these the other day for my baby as well and they seem adorable… I’m still a bit uncomfortable about the material since wool is sometimes itchy for my skin so as an expecting mom I have to safe guard my baby.
    But I’ll be doing a purchase to see if the quality is as great as you say.

    1. I certainly understand your concern about the wool material. I would suggest using a different type of materials used to knit. You can try the French terry fabric which is usually made from cotton.

      Thank you for stopping by, I hope to see you around.

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